Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time Served. Or Is It?

Time Served. Or Is It?

Recently, I was reading an article titled "Paying a Debt to Society - Then What?" and couldn't help but wonder about the difference between Michael Vick and a sex offender.

Vick was convicted of a crime that touches peoples hearts and minds. So do sex offenses.

Michael Vick was making upwards of 100 million dollars a year. Now, he's pushed into bankruptcy, and making $10 an hour.

But, because he has undeniable talent at the game of football, people are talking about rethinking his ban. They might let him play again.

They (the people) are using the philosophy of "If you server your time and pay your debt to society, then you can rejoin us."

But, that philosophy is only used at select times.

What about the talents of the people that have paid their debt to society, served their time, but can no longer be let back into what they were doing.

Here are two people whom prove my point (names have been changed):

Joe was an IT Tech for about 20 years. He was making over $100,000 a year. He moves to another state, and is forced to register in the public's eye for a crime he had committed back in 1989. Now, he can't pay his bills, and is in forclosure. He can't get ANY job that utilizes his skill sets.

Jim was a highly successful businessman. He had 2 entire floors in a highrise in downtown for his financial services company. After his ordeal was made public, he had to give up both floors, and fire his entire staff. He went from ungodly amount of money each year to making barely enough to live off of.

But, these two men will not be given the same courtesy that Michael Vick was.

The question is, "If a person serves their time, pays their debts, and live a good life, WHEN is enough enough?"