Thursday, December 11, 2008

Complacency: The Freedom Killer (Part 3)

"The greatest obstacle to those who hope to reform American education is complacency."

---Diane Ravitch

Complacency has the ability to lull us into thinking that everything is OK. It provides a sense of false security. A security which, if unchecked, has the potential to rob us of our very foundation as a country.

In our effort to understand this vicious and quiet disease that is plaguing America, we have learned that not only does it teach us ignorance as Citizens, but that we also can potentially lose our ability to fight back.

In this final segment, we are going to discuss how the loss of our ability to fight back and our ignorance leads to us losing our Rights.

There is another quote that I've been meaning to share:

"You need to have a redesign because familiarity breeds a kind of complacency."

---Timothy White

In the "Civil Rights" Movement, we all became accustomed to hearing about Civil Rights. Some, even to the point of rolling their eyes. We all became "familiar" with the concept. Now, we are complacent to the idea of reformation in the area of Civil Rights.

The familiarity is where the ignorance comes from. In our familiarity, we stop caring enough to pay attention. While we are not paying attention, we quietly and slowly lose our ability to fight back. Laws are passed and judgements are made in Court that slowly and silently remove our ability to say "No!"

The intent of the article is to bring to attention the dangers of allowing ourselves to become complacent with anything in our lives, let alone becoming complacent with our Civil Rights.

Do your research, study up on what's going on around you. Become active. It's the only way for things to turn around. I cannot remember where I heard it before, but it's been said that "The only way for Evil to win is for enough good people to do nothing."

Don't be one of those that stood by and did nothing only to kick yourself later in life for failure to act. Complacency is (in my opinion) the leading cause of the failure in our Legislative Branch to create new and better laws. We see many many laws being passed that waste money, create hardships for citizens, and set precedence for future equally absurd laws.

Are you willing to continue to let this happen? Are you willing to stand up for no one else but yourself? Does the direction of the country worry you? Do you feel that things are being handled the way you think they should? Do you realise that a phone call to your local Senator makes a HUGE difference?

Complacency creates danger in all of our lives.


ZMan! said...

The last quote is from Edmund Burke, here:

Anonymous said...

Great article series, and love the final words how complacency brings danger to all our lives. Truer words were never spoken and this does plague Americans who sit back and believe their rights are being protected, completely unaware to the true corruption against our constitution happening federally and state wide.

Question being: What will it take for the American people to wake up?

Avendora said...

Total loss of their Rights.

C.U.T.R. "Clean Up the Registry" Ohio said...

A friend was reading my blog and asked me to read your three-part article. Funny, we seem to think alike.
What it takes is to educate our youth and build them the back bone that our parents set forth for us. Everything our parents worked for, our youth has taken for granted and they haven't a clue how to 'fight', as everything was given to them. What they have lost, is up for those like us to re-build.
Thank you for allowing me to comment. Great piece.

Jacquelyn Horst