Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does our Judiciary Branch actually monitor the laws being passed these days?

More and more it is being braught to my attention that our Judiciary System is failing us in favor of winning votes. There are several laws on the books that are actually taking away the constitutional rights of a certain class of individuals. All in the name of Regulation. But the Courts fail to notice the Ex Post Facto, Due Process of Law, and many other Rights that are being taken away from these people. The Supreme Courts are there to protect the public from the onslaught of Laws being passed in ignorance of the implications that these have on the Citizens.

How long before we start to get back to a more fundamental outlook on Society? Too long we have been passing "feel-good" laws that do nothing to protect society as a whole. These laws give a false sense of being protected when they actually in some cases, have the potential to do the opposite of their intent.

The time to take back America is almost gone. And most American's never even knew it had started.

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