Sunday, October 19, 2008

Human Nature v. Activism

As I delve deeper in to the realm of Constitutional Law and Activism, I am constantly reminded of our human nature and peoples fear of the unknown. I've heard it all over that the greatest fear of man is the fear of change.

Feeling the call of duty that I feel, I continually strive to set an example and push forward in my activism. Knowing as I do that there are those that are so scared that they won't even read information to enlighten themselves, there are those that read but don't respond, and there are those that respond, but don't do anything.

The exceptional few have heeded the call and have stepped forward to fight the fight. At times, these "warriors" get tired and need a break. With so few people joining the ranks of the "warriors", there are gaps left in the wake of someone taking time to recharge their batteries.

Also, after a few of these times of recharge, people begin to question why they continue. I for one, will never stop, but I know of a few people that have grown bitter as time has gone on.

So I sit here pondering how to possibly appeal to peoples sense of impending doom or even their willingness to answer the call...

I'm afraid that people are so inclined to bury their heads in the sand that they are willing to run with the masses and not step out of the crowd to let their voices be heard.

The more people that step out, the more voices heard. The more we get the Government to stop and listen, the more we will get these laws changed.

I pray every day in my heart that people will wake up to the injustices that are happening to us every day. When will we stand up and say "No More Will I Sit Back And Do Nothing"?

I've heard it said that the only way for Evil to win is for enough Good People to do nothing.

Too many good people are doing nothing right now... How can we let the Evils of this world continue by standing by and letting it happen? Are we so scared about people knowing how we really feel that we will succumb to the mob mentality and watch as atrocities are committed in the name of the public good?

Do you feel that you could be doing more but are to scared to stand up and be heard?

Does knowing this allow you to sleep well at night? Or do you have internal struggles plaguing your every waking, and sometimes sleeping, moments?

Can you, and are you going to sit by and watch the world crumble? Or are you going to stand and fight?

I for one, chose to fight.


Sarah Durrett said...

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I can not thank you enough for this blog that you have posted. I am, almost at my wit's end but yet so ready to fight for my husband' to be honest. My husband, Scott, a great, caring, giving husband and father of two sons.. ages 15 and 5. He is on the sexual offender's list. I have no idea what to do for him. He has just recently lost his job, we are foreclosing on our house, and he feels about as rock bottom as you can go. He's pulling himself along each day, but this is not right.. He was never suppose to be on this public list, but that came out after he pled guilty to sodomy of a minor (she was 16, he was 23). They had oral sex together. Very long story, all consensual until the girl was told that she should help bring him down in his and his wife's divorce case to get custody of the older son.. This "wife" at the time was a drug addict, sex crazed person that actually was right there having oral sex with the 17 year old while she was 19 years old herself. The only reason she never got charged is because she got immunity to tell on him 3 years after the situation happened. My husband is SIS, no background check comes up with any of this stuff that happens.. Just this sexual offender list in Missouri where we're at. I need help to fight for him, this was a situation that happened over 13 years ago. He is still paying for it, after everything was completed the probation and counseling. Is there any words of advice? Is there anywhere or anyone I can go to that will hear us? He is now out on bond for not registering his photography company due to him not knowing he had to register it, the forms he fills out had no secondary employer space so he always filled out his primary employer which fired him for the charges he got for "not registering properly". He has always gone every 90 days, just didn't fill out about his photography company. Never has he taken inapproprate images of children. He has done risque pictures of fully legal women for their boyfriends/husbands for anniversaries, etc. He normally shoots weddings and family portraits. Some modeling on the side. He had to shut down his company because it was blasted all over the news that he was hiding his company, when in honest he had NO idea he had to register it because there was no space on the paper. The have since changed the paper while everything was going on and added 3 NEW spots for employers. There has to be something I can do for him. Thank you for your time!

Avendora said...

If you read my "Bill of Attainder Argument", "Regulatory v. Punitive", and "A Letter" (first post), that should help you get headed in the right direction.

Also, keep in mind that I am not a lawyer. Just your average joe looking to find answers.

MonsterMart said...

Well said, Avendora. And here's another.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Maria Robinson