Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Series on the Loss of Rights: A Right to Vote

With the 2008 Presidential Elections less than a month away, I am getting more and more emails about our Right to Vote. Feeling compelled to clear up some misconceptions Americans have on our "Right to Vote", I find myself giving you yet another article in the series.

Our Right to Vote is a basic Constitutional right as set forth in the Fifteenth Amendment. What most people will miss is the second part. "The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

Appropriate legislation has turned into a "who's allowed to vote and who's not allowed". Even tho the "United States nor any State" can take away that right. Even based on a persons "previous condition of servitude". Interesting how most people with any type of criminal background are excluded from voting.

But I digress.

Here is a basic understanding of the voting process.

The President is elected by Electoral College votes and not by Popular vote. Just like in 2004. Al Gore won the popular vote, but Bush won the electoral vote.

So, why does it do any good to vote anyways? The more votes, the more electoral college points allotted to a state.

Here is another problem most people aren't aware of. We used to have the right to "write in" a candidate. Now with invention of electronic voting, we no longer have the option (at times) to "write in" a candidate. Not to mention all of the voting machine fraud.

So the question at hand remains. If neither candidate in the Presidential Election is worthy of holding office, what is the public to do? With the voting fraud, votes are shuffled from one candidate to another. And if the vote is for a third person, it may not even be counted at all. And not voting just reduces the numbers and therefore raising the percentages that a candidate has...

Then we have Obama busing people to get registered to vote, and vote in the same day. The ACLU is sending out messages both on their blog and in emails trying to get people to vote (their agenda is for the Constitution itself).

And this seasons elections are highly important. We are voting on a man who has acknowledged that he wouldn't mind being a dictator, and another who has close friends that are known terrorists. Who do we vote for to hold the highest office in the land? Who is "best qualified" to lead our Nation? If we write-in a candidate that we feel would do the job right, would our votes even make it.

Is voting a guaranteed right? Or just a motion to be gone through by the people to placate them into believing that everything is ok? Is the outcome of the Vote predetermined by some other group we are unaware of as citizens?

And with the reduction in eligible voters (people with a criminal record), do we really have a correct representation of the public in the voting system?

This years vote will be the most important vote that some will ever make. I pray that those voting do their homework and know who they are voting for.

Now is not the time for mistakes.


Anonymous said...

I take affront of yoru comment on Obama. You state that he is close friends to someone who it a known terrorist. That is a lie. I would hope someone , as your self, who looks to investigate things would go back ans see that yes, Obama was given a 200 dollar campaign contribution by Ayers, and lived in the same area. They did serve on a board together briefly, that which helped people of Chicago that live in Poverty.

I find that connection of this and making a statement that Obama is friends with a terrorist a bit much, and slanderous. Ted Kennedy's Father gained his wealth by being a rum runner in the 20's. Dick Chaney's stock in Halliburton gained 300% since he and W started his war. Those are DIRECT associations. The Ayers association is not direct. Please present facts instead of far right rhetoric.

Avendora said...

The Bill Ayers situation that you refer to is up for debate at the most. But, that is not the only person that he has ties to that is of a terorist nature. Ever heard of Raila Odinga? Just so you don't think that I don't have sources for my info, try these two links:

Mr. Barack Obama IS a friend to terrorists. I can appreciate your side of things, so I'll withdraw any implications to Ayers at this time. But Odinga is a whole nother matter.

And, for the sake of the article and it's purpose, we won't get into the discrepancy on where where Obama was born, and we won't talk about the fact that his mother gave up his US Citizenship when he was 5 years old (or less) and that the paperwork to recieve his citizenship back hasn't been confirmed as of yet.

I would like to say thank you for reading my blog in the first place. And also, thank you for caring enough to post a comment.

Let me know if you need me to gather any other info.

Have a great day. Keep reading.