Saturday, January 3, 2009

The American Way

From the beginning of this country we call home, America has been a place of Justice. We have always stood for the underdog in any battle. We love to see right prevail over wrong. We have grown into a people that want to help others overcome their own tragedies.

But few realise anymore that this very country that we call home is going through it's own tragedies. Few pay attention to the fact that the Constitution is becoming less and less prevalent in our Government. It seems that only those few realise the danger that we face.

Our Government was meant to be a small and relatively quiet entity. The Federal Government was to manage the collection of States. The States were to uphold the Laws that the citizens agreed upon. "We the People" are the main governing body as set up by the very Constitution that the Government is sworn to uphold. But, since about the turn of the twentieth century, our government has created precedence out of thin air to allow itself to build upon that and grow. Now, the Federal Government is the all-powerful entity and the States are at it's mercy. No longer are the Feds being owned and operated by "citizens" but by the friends of big business and socialism.

The ironic and sad part is that the American people have been programed into believing that they need this big government to hold their hand and watch over them. They have forgotten that it is only through them that the government even draws it's power. They have forgotten that it is them that appoint their Representatives to the Congress and also the White House. Few remember what it means to be able to vote.

The American Way is slowly dying. As if it were an ancient relic put on display.

This injustice that we as Americans are living through demands that we stand up and say "Enough!" Our tax dollars are frivolously spent on trivial items. We are off fighting a war that few know the reason for anymore. Our government is constantly stealing from us. Both our Rights, and our monies. The numbers of the poor are growing. And with this economic recession at hand, it's about to explode those numbers.

Where is this American Spirit? Where are those that see the injustice? Does it not curdle your stomach? Does your fighting spirit speak to you of the corruption that is crippling our society? Who is going to fight for our freedoms? Who is going to fight for those that can't fight for themselves? Who is going to stand up and be the one? Or one of many?

It is not the American Way to stand idly by as our fellow Americans are led to the slaughterhouse. Be American, stand up and fight!

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Talking said...

Great piece and truer words were never written. We as America have stood for the underdogs and yet we are allowing the crucification of our own people and idolly standing by and doing nothing.

We fight for human and civil rights of those who suffer in other countries like Iraq, Iran and even Israel yet we do not look in our own backyard at our own people as the government continues to gain more power and abuse the system they are there to protect or the people we call American's.

When will enough be enough and when will all American's realize big brother, our Government, daily gains more power against us as they continue to pass laws which are violating more of our constitutional rights?