Saturday, January 3, 2009

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In the days of our Founding Fathers, it was considered to be the one of the most important aspects of the Constitution. That was the notion that every man was considered to be "Innocent until proven Guilty" by a Court of Law.

Through a series of small changes over the years, it feels more like we have become a Nation of "Guilty until proven Innocent" by a Court of Law. And that is only if you make it to the trial.

The general consensus by the Law Enforcement seems to have swung to "Everyone is suspicious and therefore guilty of some crime. It's my job to find out what it is." No longer are they trying to "protect" society, but are trying to find out what society did to break the law. And with "One in Every Thirty-One Adults", that makes for a lot of citizens in trouble with the law.

The Justice system is focused more of a political career and less on upholding the law. More and more "plea bargains" are being used to get the cases out of Court and create a "win-win" for the prosecutor and the defense attorney. (I doubt that many people realise that a plea deal is counted as a win for both parties.) And with more and more people "pleading" out, less and less are our rights being protected by the Court systems. This loss of defense of the Constitution is leading to the idea that citizens are guilty and therefore, it's only a matter of time before they get caught.

Anymore, the idea of being a free citizen, and being innocent until proven guilty is becoming a fallacy.

Where is our Due Process? Where is our Freedom from Persecution? Where is our Right to a Speedy Trial (oh, I forgot, that's given away with your "plea deal")? How can the Judicial system claim to uphold the Law when they are actively perverting it? How can our Legislature continue to create legislation that continually removes our rights and separates the classes? How can our Law Enforcement enforce the Law if they themselves are not held to the same if not higher standard?

What happened to "All Men were created equal"?

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Talking said...

Cases guilty before proven innocent:

Anna Nicole Smiths death

Duke LaCross boys

Governor of Illinois

O.J. Simpson (second trial)

We are no longer a country of "all men are created equal" as politicians continue to abuse their power and remain immune for the laws which govern its people.

Example: we have officers who are accused of rape in TX and are given plea deals not requiring registration cause we honor power of priviledge rules and to hell with victims in such cases.